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1. Locate Mexico on a map. Find its capital. Learn about the languages in Mexico; learn to say “Hello” in Spanish. What is the monetary unit they use for buying items? Learn what the Mexican flag looks like.

2. One of the greatest Mexican arts is mural painting, a beautiful artistic scene portrayed on a wall. A famous muralist from Mexico was Diego Rivera. Create a mural painting on paper depicting a scene of Mexican history or an event that you have learned about.

3. Mexico is known for its various terrains such as: Rugged mountains, low coastal plains, high plateaus and arid deserts. There are countless places to see or enjoy, and some of these adventures include: Boating, kayaking, swimming, backpacking, canoeing, fishing, cycling, and horseback riding. Choose an outdoor adventure to enjoy!

4. Mexico borders the Caribbean Sea, the Gulf of Mexico, and the North Pacific Ocean. Visit a body of water or beach near you. Observe the present terrain and climate. How is it different from the places not near water? What different plants and animals live in or by the sea?

5. There are many interesting cities in Mexico. Each city offers its own unique adventure. Some interesting sites are the temple of Chichen-Itza or a cathedral. Visit a site you have never been to in Mexico or learn about a site you would like to visit by visiting a museum, reading a book or exploring other avenues.

6. Festivals or “fiestas” are very important in Mexico. It is not odd for the fiestas to go on for days. They often blend Native American and Christian traditions together to create a unique festivity. Research some of their holidays or fiestas. Create a craft celebrating a holiday. For example: Piñata, god’s eye, or beaded jewelry. Use your imagination and share your creation with a group of people.

7. Complete one service project helping others in diverse communities by preserving historical sites or buildings, or volunteering your services to others. Some interesting projects include: Helping at schools, working with children in orphanages, making gift baskets or cards for the elderly, landscaping and collect food/clothing for the needy.

8. Learn about the Native American Indians in Mexico. Where did the live? How did they live? What did they wear? What did they eat? Complete one of the following: A painting/art project, a skit/play, or make paper polls decorated in Native American attire. Use the information you learned to complete one of the above projects.

9. Mexican folk musicians play various instruments. Their music is brisk and very rhythmic and they often play in plazas or streets. Make a musical instrument used in Mexico and try to play it.

10. Tortillas are eaten throughout Mexico. Explore other recipes or foods eaten in Mexico. Prepare or taste a traditional Mexican food.

11. Research one of the following crafts: Pottery, weaving, paper mache, jewelry making, paper flowers, or Mexican yarn painting. Have an instructor teach you one of these skills or create an item yourself.

12. Traditional garments in Mexico are shawls, sombreros, or ponchos. Study about other items. Make a garment for fun or try on garments.

13. Create a journal or scrapbook about Mexico. If you visited Mexico, include pictures of your visit. Share your findings with others.

14. Some animals or plants indigenous to Mexico are the Iguana and cactus. Discover other creatures or plants of Mexico and tell why they are found in this area.

15. There are many traditional games played in Mexico. Find out how to play one of these games or make a toy such as tortitas, little cakes, pon top and game, cornhusk doll and cat’s cradle.


This patch program will help its participants learn more about the history and sites in this country. If you have the privilege of visiting this country, you can complete some of these requirements there. It would be helpful to learn more about the country prior to your visit. Use the library and the internet to research more.