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1. Tunisia is located in northern part of Africa between Algeria and Libya. View the outline of the Tunisia country and its Capital. Identify Tunisia’s flag.

2. The official language of Tunisia is Arabic. The second language that is used is French. Learn how to count to ten or a simple phrase in the Arabic language.

3. Sidi Bou Said is located in northern Tunisia. It is known for it’s blue doors throughout the area. Each door has a decorated pattern displayed on it. The blue is a symbol of happiness, prosperity and good luck. Create a picture of a decorated door or a craft that would be sold in the market.

4. A typical served dish in Tunisia is created with African, French and Italian influences. The dishes of food are typically served with a harrissa [ha-rri-sa] sauce, a paste made of chilies, spices, olive oil and garlic. Try a recipe, food, or drink from Tunisia. Examples include: Mint tea, date pastries, couscous, Makrud cake, Kaftaji, brik, and Apricot Chicken.

5. Each town in Tunisia celebrates a variety of festivals and holidays. They range from celebrations of spring, summer, and fishing season. There are also celebrations revolving around the Islamic traditions. Learn about festivals in Tunisia, go to a festival, participate in one, OR complete a craft that represents a festival. Examples include: Orange Festival, Festival of French Classical Theater, Folklore Festival, Tameza Festival, and Eid Al-Adha.

6. Legends and stories are passed down for many years through the generations. In some areas of Tunisia that believe in superstitions and that certain stones protect them against bad luck. Read a story, legend, make a lucky stone or necklace OR listen to a legend or play.

7. For weddings and special occasions women decorate their hands with henna. Some women outline their eyes in black liner and have blue dots on their forehead , nose and chin. The jewelry they wear is made of copper, brass or silver. Create a design on your hands with washable markers, make a piece of jewelry OR a headdress to wear.

8. Tunisia has over 80 different mamals and 362 birds in the country. In the north there are mountains, central area has goats and sheep, the coastal areas have marine animals and in the desert there is little plant life. Learn about [3] animals that reside in Tunisia OR complete a craft or art project about the terrain or the animals that reside there. Examples include: Addax, gazelle, flamingo, sandpiper, fennec, camel, and monk seals.

9. Many of Tunisia’s artistic handicrafts are sold in the open market. They are known for decorated pottery, woven carpets, metalwork, leather goods, handbags, jewelry, and wooden items. Create a craft or project using a traditional a skill OR representing Tunisia, OR observe someone creating a handicraft OR view them on the internet or books.

10. The Bardo Museum has a variety of mosaics on display dating back from the 2nd century A.D. The theme of the art range from gladiators to dolphins. Learn more about the architecture in Tunisia OR create something using mosaic art OR create a painting or a form of art representing Tunisia.

11. Traditional clothing in Tunisia is created to cover most of their body including their arms, legs and head. For men, the djekkaba, loose robe, is long sleeved and ankle length. They also wear a turban sometimes. For women, they wear a scarf or piece of cloth on their head, decorated with gold trim and circular gold ornaments hanging from the edge with a long tunic or dress. Draw a picture of the clothing, dress up in a Tunisia themed costumes, create an accessory, complete our paperdolls OR view traditional clothing through books or the internet or our country manual.

12. There are a variety of games that played in Tunisia by children. Learn a traditional game OR play a game that symbolizes Tunisia OR play a water or sand themed game OR play a game in our manual.

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