All levels need to only complete 3 requirements

1. Some of the most popular shows of the 70's are sometimes broadcast on extended cable channels or have been turned into movies. Learn more about one of these shows main characters and their role on a show OR watch one of these shows or movies, act it out, sing the theme song, dress up, or create a skit about one of the shows. Examples are: ISIS, Josie and the Pussycats, Charlie's Angels, The Brady Bunch, Fantasy Island, Sesame Street, and Pink Panther.

2. Check out the hairstyles and cosmetics of the 70's. Goodbye to curlers, hello to the curling iron and blow dryers. Make-up styles include roll on lip gloss, Charlie perfume, blue and green eye shadow. Hairstyles ranged from long feathered "Farrah Fawcett" hair to the short "Dorothy Hamill" look. Learn about hairstyles from that era of time, curl your hair with the curling iron, paint your nails a shiny color, or try some cold cream.

3. There was general music in the 70's and there was the disco craze. Listen to some music or dance to the beat. Some examples include: The Jackson Five, The Osmonds, Diana Ross, The Carpenters, ABBA, Blondie, Elton John, and The Bee Gee's.

4. Remember those harvest gold and avocado colored household appliances? Let's step into a common room of the 70's. Some examples are wood paneling, paintings on black velvet, waterbeds, rain lamps, plastic accessories in bright colors, orange or gold rugs, afghans, and swing sets in the back yard. Design a room from the 70's or explore examples of houses and rooms from that time period.

5. Food products of the 70's were moving into the prepackaged and frozen food era. Commercials had rhyming jingles and slogans. Such as, My bologna has a first name….,or try a McDonald's Happy Meal, Hamburger Helper, Wonka Oompas, Fun Dip, Reese Cup, Manwich, Count Chocula and Cookie Crisp cereal, Peanut Butter, and Green Giant vegetables are just of a few of the well known products available in the 70's. Find 3 food items that still available today. Choose one and design what the label may have looked like in the 70's or have a taste testing of different snacks or foods of the 70's.

6. Popular games and toys of the 70's included Baby Alive (she eats and drinks), Slinky, mood ring, Atari video games, growing hair dolls (Chrissy), Simon, The Game of Life, Connect Four, Weebles, Hot Wheels and Big Wheels, Magic 8 ball, 8-track tapes and portable tape players Some of the popular toys of the 70's are still in existence today. Choose two toys and explain how you think they looked like in the 70's OR play with a game or toy that was similar to one in the 70's OR create a similar game.

7. Things have changed since the 70's. Do you remember the typewriter, the first digital alarm clock, Polaroid cameras, Holly Hobbie, Harvest Gold colored Tupperware, and the Sears mail order Christmas catalog? You can still find some items today that originated in the 70's, but it is not the same as it was then. Find out how technology has changed since the 70's. Choose an item from the 70's and explain how it has changed.

8. Accessories became all the rage of the 70's. Large rimmed sunglasses, floppy hats, scarves, head wraps, platform shoes, leather chokers, macramé belts, pantyhose, suede shoes, and purses are some of the items that created the fashion trend of that time. Make a piece of jewelry, scarf, and decorate a floppy hat, suede purse or any other craft.

9. What were the fashion trends of the 70's? Some of these styles included: crocheted vests, hip hugger bell-bottoms, halter tops, bodysuits, turtleneck sweaters, gauchos, jumpsuits, angel sleeve blouses, and corduroy pants. Try on an outfit from the 70's, design your own outfit from the 70's, OR create a collage of pictures that may depict the fashion of the 70's.

10. The disco fever began in the 70's and the mirror balls, dancing, and light up floors was where the action was. Polyester shirts, flowing dresses and skirts were complimented by sparkly platform shoes on the dance floor. Do the Hustle, Bump or learn some other disco moves OR create your own dance to some disco tunes OR watch Saturday Night Fever.

11. On July 4, 1976, The United States of America celebrated their 200th birthday! The spirit of '76 was depicted on products, signs and shirts all across America. Attend a patriotic event, show your American pride, create a community service project assisting someone in America OR research what some of these festive products looked liked in 1976.

12. Psychedelic! Learn some solid words from the 70's or some C.B. Radio Slanguage and find out what it means. Try to use it in a sentence. Examples include: See ya on the flipside, Slide, Boss!, bread, and 10-4 and out. http://www.inthe70s.com/generated/terms.shtml

13. Put everything that you learned together in a cool journal or book. Place all the information such as clothes, slang, TV shows, in book format, display it on a poster or create a time capsule box. Add self drawn pictures, clippings from magazines, clip art or website addresses to create a cool project.
(Book format and clip art are located in the kit)


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