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You can change this list as you see fit according to your mall.

Make sure when you find the items you put them back where they belong.
Don't let anyone that is participating in the event see the list prior to the event.

Girls should not run in the mall or destroy displays, the stores will be upset and some will not let the next group participate in the store.

It is always nice to let the store employees know that you are having the event and the day/time.

You are driving girls to their store so they usually are willing to offer you coupons or small prizes for the having the girls come to their store. Let them know after the scavengar hunt they are free to shop.

If you are not participating in this activity for prizes then they only need to check off the items as they find them. Pictures are a great memento of the event as well.

Try to have your event at a non peak time for the mall. For example, it wouldn't be wise to conduct the event during Winter Holiday season. In addition, starting the event as soon as the mall opens gives the participants more space to roam. Some malls get really crowded around 2-3 PM.

If you are conducting this event for a large group then have each group of 20-25 start at say 10:00 and have the next session start an hour later etc. This way everyone is not at the mall at the same time and the one hour photo doesn't turn into 2- 3 hour photo.

Divide your group into 3-4 girls in the group at a time try to make it even so the it is fair to everyone when trying on things and finding individual items.

Make it a rule that an adult must be present with each group of 2-3 girls. Make sure that there is one with EACH group and have them in charge of photos, making sure they put items back etc. Older girls may not need an adult with each group. That is up to you. Always have the same age group competing at the same time. Have them carry a tag in their purse with their name and group number. This is what they will use to sign in and out, also to show employees what organization they are with.

Set a fee that will cover the patch, snacks, and other events afterwards. The photo processing will be paid by them and additional items such as food and nail salon. Though you may be able to contact the local nail salon and photo processor and ask for discount coupons for that date.

This event can be a mother/daughter event, hotel camping event, or scouting event. If you are hotel camping have the girls in your group develop their photos at one hour photo after the event to scrapbook in the hotel.



___The Hunt begins___


1. Each team will need to complete as many items on the list in the allotted time. Provide them with a list and a mall map. [you can make several versions of each list as long as the list of items are the same]

2. You will start at ______ and you must meet us back at _______ at ______________.

3. The teams that are late will receive a time penalty.

4. You must take a photo of each item on the list.

5. Take turns with your partners being in the photos.

6. You have to get a person in the picture from your team at all times.

7. Hang items up or place them back where they were before you leave the store.

8. The team that found the most itemsand the shortest time wins, must be verified with a digital photo.

9. Please don't try to take all of your photos in one store, go to a variety of stores.

10. Do not run in the stores or in the mall. You can walk briskly.

11. You can not leave the mall. Check the items off as you find them.

Once you found all of the items on the list and purchased your community service item, you must check in with the coordinator at designated location with your ID card noting your group number and session time. [Note: purchasing a community service item or donating an item is up to you]

After you check in you will need to show your photos to the coordinator to make sure you got everything on the list.

Prizes will be issued to the top 2 groups of each session. Ask local merchandisers for coupons to give to all the girls participating. Also ask local merchandisers to donate items or offer a discounted product. Supplement the rest of the event with funds collected. Suggested prizes: free manicure, lotions, or mall gift cards.

____________After the hunt__________

Break for Lunch or dinner.

Let the attendees shop after the scavenger hunt. Employees will be happy to see them back in the stores purchasing items.


As extra fun, we had a scrapbooking event for the girls after the scavenger hunt. While the photos were being developed everyone had lunch in the mall. After, the photos are printed they drove to the local community center where the coordinator for the scrapbooking would have kits available for the girls to scrapbook their findings. If you are doing this portion, make sure you get enough prints for each girl in the group so the giirls can share their photos within their small group. Creating a scrapbook captures the themes of the year and memories to look back on. For example in the year 2015, they can look back and say can you believe people wore that stuff and remember IPOD's etc....

If the girls are bringing their own scrapbooks and adhesive make sure they still have to pay a fee to use paper and stickers. I have found that they tend to borrow from others and if they all are using the paper and stickers then there is no confusion of who can be at the paper or sticker table etc.

Have set hours for scrapbooking. You can purchased pre-designed pages, top loading books, or short cuts to make quick pages.


Spa fun

Have stations where the girls can choose to make lip gloss, do their nails, hair, or facials.

You can also go to the local nail salon and get a manicure. Recommended to pre reserve the site and conduct in slots of 10. For example, 10 girls go to the nail salon while, 10 girls get started on the scavenger hunt and rotate accordingly.


Scavenger Hunt List

THE FOLLOWING CLUES ARE CERTAIN STORE NAMESYOU MUST FIND THE ITEMS IN. You only hold the item up not try it on. You can find them in any order, use mall maps.

_____You are Limited to something white here.

_____H and M wanted to purchase something with a design on it.

_____ Victoria has a Secret about something pink.

_____Lord Stanley and Taylor found shorts to wear.

_____Express yourself with something glittery.

_____JC saved her Penny's to buy something pink.

_____Aero found something on sale here.

_____Your Bath and Body needed a little sweet pea.

_____Soar like an Eagle in something blue.

_____You Macy something green here.

_____Purchasing a cami or tank top would fill in the Gap of my wardrobe.

_____Getting a new accessory to wear would be The Icing on the cake.

_____ I feel Forever 21 in this shirt. [shirt of your choice]


Stand in front of the item not on it etc. [some can be in stores]

_____Vending Machine

_____Fake tree

_____ bench


_____Animal or something with an animal print



(if you are trying on shoes, do not go to department stores where they have to get them in the back this takes up time and wastes the employees time because you are not buying them. Go to places like payless, target, etc that they are readily available. Remember to put them back after you try them on)

TRY on the following Items on: [take turns] You must go to at least two different stores.

_____Black high heel shoes

_____Shoes that you would buy (sandals, flats, buckle up shoes etc) [close up of shoes]



_____Get individual shots of each person in your group looking like a star [examples-boas, tiara, jewelry, purse etc.,never try on earrings) [have at least one thing on] Sunglasses Purse Something shiny



[Coordinator] You may wish to scope the mall out prior to the event to look for unique items to add to this list.

_____ Find flowers

______ Find a star

_____ Find a frog

____ Find a tiara

_____ Find a heart

_____Find a gumball machine

_____Find a bear

_____Find something that is red

_____ Find something that sparkles

______ Find something that is unique (swirls, cool patterns, etc)


BUY SOMETHING [optional]

Community service item at the local dollar store or target in the mall items. Each girl should be required to purchase on item on the list that you provide.

Nail polish

hair scrunchy


Afterwards the items can be donated to local shelters, battered wives homes etc



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