Patchwork Designs, Inc


Patchwork Designs, Inc.
has had ALL of its Embroidered Emblem Manufacturing Materials tested by an approved independent testing Laboratory including All Thread, Fabrics, backings, and has passed all of the tests for the below harmful chemicals.

2009 Consumer Products Safety Act re. Lead & Phthalate DBP, DDP & DEHP in Product Contents.


Welcome to Patchwork Designs, Incorporated. We create embroidered patches, patch programs, activity kits, and embroidered merchandise for scouting, schools, historical buildings, museums, organizations, and special events.

Patches to earn are in RED
All Month

Italian Heritage Month


Education, (educate yourself on something new that you have never learned before), Music, (using an ad, go to a new music function), Dance, (using an ad, go to a new dance function), Culinary Creations, (use a recipe in the newspaper to try), Construction, (make something out of newspaper), Media, (go to a movie listed in the newspaper and/or create your own newspaper), Goverment and Politics, (look up an area of politics going on today).
All Month

Student Safety Month


Culinary Creations, (try a new kind of food for breakfast), The Case of the Cheating Chef, 9
All Month National Frozen Yogurt Month Tea Party, (practice table manners) , Culinary Creation, (create dinner or make a snack for someone), Let Us Give Thanks (write notes or give thanks)Blue Angel Community Service, and Pinwheels for Peace
All Month National Ice Tea Month
Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Month
All Month Diary Month
All Month Zoo and Aquarium Month
All month National Candy Month
All Month Adopt a Shelter Cat Month
Week of June 3rd

International Volunteers Week


Construction, (make something with your own printing--a book, sign...), Fashion, (silk-screen your own shirt or stamp a totebag), Culinary Creations, (decorate a cake or cookie, make cookies and print your thumb into it). For extra, serve the cookies or cake at a tea party and earn the Tea Party patch! Also, Germany made the first printing press, while Egypt made the first paper.
June 5

National Family Day

Show how you love your family or do something with your family.

Making A Difference, (help someone organize their house that needs help and/or give away some of your unwanted things).
June 6-12 National Hug Holiday Week Making A Difference, (help someone clean off their desk as a helping hand and/or give away some of your unwanted things). Make sure to eat right while at your desk and earn the Healthy Eating patch!
June 5th Gingerbread Day  
June 7 National Crayon Day  
June 14 Flag Day  
June 19 Butterfly Day  
June 23 National Pink Day  
June 24 Pralines Day  
June 25 Strawberry Parfait Day  
June 26 Chocolate Pudding Day  
June 27 Orange Blossom Day


June 29 Almond Butter Crunch Day  
June 30 Ice Cream Soda Day