Patchwork Designs, Inc


Patchwork Designs, Inc.
has had ALL of its Embroidered Emblem Manufacturing Materials tested by an approved independent testing Laboratory including All Thread, Fabrics, backings, and has passed all of the tests for the below harmful chemicals.

2009 Consumer Products Safety Act re. Lead & Phthalate DBP, DDP & DEHP in Product Contents.


Welcome to Patchwork Designs, Incorporated. We create embroidered patches, patch programs, activity kits, and embroidered merchandise for scouting, schools, historical buildings, museums, organizations, and special events.

Patches to earn are in RED
All Month Popcorn Popping Month FALL FUN ---Movie Madness, culinary creations, slumber party or pizza party.
All Month Family History Awareness Month Fall Fun with your family.
All Month National Pasta Month Italy or Culinary Creations.
All Month National Apple Month

Culinary Creations or Fall Fun.

All Month Oktoberfest
All Mohth Eat Better and Eat Together Month Culinary Creations.
All Month Clergy Appreciation Month Education
All Month Month of the Young Adolescent (Children) Choose any of our unique patch programs to work on.
1st Week in October Get Organized Week
2nd week in October Teen Read Week Reading Adventure
Week of October 9 Fire Prevention Week Making A Difference, (help someone clean off their desk as a helping hand and/or give away some of your unwanted things). Make sure to eat right while at your desk and earn the Healthy Eating patch!
1st Saturday in October Frugal Fun Day Fashion, (make/design something from clothing you already own), Culinary Creations, give your baked items to others.
2nd Sunday in October National Children's Day Sports Star, Games, (play games during the game), Culinary Creations, or any of our fun patch programs.
2nd Monday in October Columbus Day State Patch Program
Mid October Jeans/ Denim Day Fashion, (you can make up or draw your own fashion clashing--also, you can wear your own creations or just wear mix-match clothes!), Sewing, (sew your own clashing clothes), Construction, (construct your own clothes out of fabric and other craft supplies).
3rd Saturday in October Sweetest Day Culinary Creations or community service.
4th Saturday in October Make A DifferenceDay

Community Service Blue angel patch program.

Choose from a variety of our community service programs as well.

October 1 World VegetarianDay Horticulture or Culinary Creations.
October 2

National Peanuts (comic strip by Charles Schulz) Day

-Charlie Brown, Snoopy, Linus, etc.

Education, games, or construction.
October 8 Silly Day

Games, Circus Fun, Spa, Slumber Party, Pizza Party, or Sports Star.

October 10 Stamp Collecting Day Stamp Ministry Patch Program
October 12 World Farmer's Day Horticulture
October 13

The "Un-Birthday" Day

Celebrate this day for no special reason

Choose any of our unique patch programs to work on.

October 15

National Grouch Day

Teach children to be positive and giving.

Community Service Blue angel patch program
October 16

Dictionary Day

Spend this day increasing your word skills.

Reading Adventure
October 18

Watch a squirrel Day

Learn about the outdoors and squirrels

Discovering Nature or animals
October 18

Boost your Brain Day

Learn something new today

Choose any of our unique patch programs to work on.
October 22 Pretzel Day Culinary Creations
October 31

Halloween Day


Have a Fall Fun Day, Happy Halloween party, or a Masquerade ball. JULIETTE LOW'S BIRTHDAY ~