Patchwork Designs, Inc


Patchwork Designs, Inc.
has had ALL of its Embroidered Emblem Manufacturing Materials tested by an approved independent testing Laboratory including All Thread, Fabrics, backings, and has passed all of the tests for the below harmful chemicals.

2009 Consumer Products Safety Act re. Lead & Phthalate DBP, DDP & DEHP in Product Contents.


Welcome to Patchwork Designs, Incorporated. We create embroidered patches, patch programs, activity kits, and embroidered merchandise for scouting, schools, historical buildings, museums, organizations, and special events.

Patches to earn are in RED
All Month National Hot Tea Month Tea Party, (have a Mother Daughter Tea Party) Culinary Creations, (make food for your Tea Party or to eat with your tea) Construction, (make decorations for your Tea Party), various countries, like England and China.
All Month National Oatmeal Month Spa, (make an oatmeal mask) Culinary Creations, (create something of your own using oatmeal).
1st full week National Letter Writing Week Adopt-A-Troop, (adopt a younger troop and exchange letters and items), Pen Pals, (make a pen pal from a different state or country and write!), while writing, you can earn the country or state that you wrote to.
2nd full week National Pizza Week Movie Madness, (eat pizza while watching a movie), Slumber Party, (have a slumber party and eat pizza), Culinary Creations, (make your own pizza!), Pizza Party, (have a pizza party), and Italy.
2nd full week National Printing Week Construction, (make something with your own printing--a book, sign...), Fashion, (silk-screen your own shirt or stamp a totebag), Culinary Creations, (decorate a cake or cookie, make cookies and print your thumb into it). For extra, serve the cookies or cake at a tea party and earn the Tea Party patch! Also, Germany made the first printing press, while Egypt made the first paper.
1st Monday Organize Your House Day Making A Difference, (help someone organize their house that needs help and/or give away some of your unwanted things).
2nd Monday Clean Off Your Desk Day Making A Difference, (help someone clean off their desk as a helping hand and/or give away some of your unwanted things).
3rd Friday National Hat Day Fashion, (make/design your own hat, have a hat fashion show, etc.), Making A Difference, (give away some of your hats or buy new hats to give away), Mexico, (do a Mexican Hat Dance).
Usually 4th Sunday Super Bowl Sunday Sports Star, Games, (play games during the game), Culinary Creations, (make some snacks or food to eat while watching).
4th Tuesday Speak Up and Succeed Day Take Your Daughter To Work, (you get to see your parents succeeding and you get to speak up and ask questions about their job), Free To Be Me, (you are free to be yourself and speak up for rights and succeed in saying what you want), Making A Difference, (speak up for a cause and get others involved, and your project will succeed), Planet Protection, (speaking up to protect your planet and you will succeed!), Games, (play a game that involved speaking or you might succeed--as in winning!), Theatre and Drama, (you speaking up in your part makes you suceed in the audience loving the play), and so much more.
4th Thursday National Clashing Clothes Day Fashion, (you can make up or draw your own fashion clashing--also, you can wear your own creations or just wear mix-match clothes!), Sewing, (sew your own clashing clothes), Construction, (construct your own clothes out of fabric and other craft supplies).
January 1st New Year's Day Construction, (make your own noise makers to celebrate), Games, (on New Year's, you have a lot of family over, well, play some games, and maybe make some up!), Culinary Creations, (help make the big New Year's meal), using our kits, find out how countries celebrate the New Year differently, like China.
January 3rd Drinking Straw Patented Experimenting With Science, (here's a thing to try: if you hold the ends of a straw tight, and twist it until you can't go further (hold it tight still), get a person to flick it in the middle. what happends?), Games, (make up games to do with straws), Culinary Creations, (make a smoothie or milkshake and try to drink it through a straw! or make your own straw by cutting a 1/2 inch off each end of a red licorice stick), you can earn the Washington D.C. patch by learning about Marvin Stone, who made the straw in 1888.
January 8th Rock and Roll Day (Elvis's Birthday) Fabulous 50s, (do anything from the kit), Fashion, (draw or wear some 50s clothing), Music, (listen to 50s and/or Elvis music, maybe try your hand at singing them), Dance, (dance to 50s music and maybe try to learn some 50s dances!), Construction, (make some 50s decorations like records), Culinary Creations, (eat some 50s food--like milkshakes.) There are some more ideas in the kit and
January 11th Use More of Your Mind Day Education, (do extra practice problems in school work or learn some new words), Games, (play educational games), Culinary Creations, (make something using measurements, like 1/4 cup, it makes you think!), Thinking Day, (think about different countries), Speaking of Thinking Day, all of our countries would work!
January 11th National Thank You Day

Saying "Thank You" really makes a difference. Try to make it a habit.

By helping some one out, and you'll earn Making A Difference, Culinary Creations, (bake or cook something and give it to them. Example: Mom--Thank you for everything. I made you a cake!) Construction, (make a card or something just as special for someone that makes a difference in your life), Let Us Give Thanks, (write notes or give thanks), learn how to say thank you in a different language, by using our country(ies) kits!

January 13th National Snow Day Construction, (build a snowman or something out of snow, if there isn't snow, then draw or build one out of something else), Fashion, (make some clothes or decorate your snowman, or you can draw your very own version of a snowman!), Winter Fun, (have fun in the winter season!), learn about our wintery countries, such as Switzerland.
January 13th National Frisbee Day Sports Day, (have a day just to play this sport!), Games, (make up your own games using frisbees), Animals, (go out with your dog and play catch with a frisbee), Culinary Creations, (make a cake that is circular or some circle cookies!).
January 14th National Volunteer Day Making A Difference, (volunteer for a great cause or lend a helping hand to someone in need), all of our community service patches like: Teddy Bear Donation, Sock Drive, Helping Hats...
January 18th Winnie the Pooh Day Games, (think of games that Pooh would like to do or that make you, "Think, think, think."), Culinary Creations, (Pooh's favorite food was honey, make something with it to earn this), Tea Party, (you can make honey and banana sandwiches and serve them), Spa, (you make a mask with honey in it.)
January 19th Tin Can Day Planet Protection, (save your tin cans and recycle them), Fashion, (make something fashionable out of a tin can), Games, (make a game out of a tin can), Music, (make a musical instrument out of a tin can).
January 19th National Popcorn Day Games, (play games using popcorn), Culinary Creations, (make your own popcorn by popping it yourself and/or add seasoning to your own, example: cinnamon and sugar, salt and pepper), Construction, (make something out of popcorn, like a necklace), Massachusetts, (the Pilgrims ate popcorn with milk and sugar--try it!), Movie Madness, (watch a movie with popcorn), Animals, (make bird food with popcorn).
January 21st Chinese New Year

See New Year's Day.

China, (see kit), Construction, (make dragons and other things), Fashion, (wear red, make something with Chinese influence on it), Sewing, (sew a pillow or something else with Chinese inspiration), Education, (try to learn some Chinese symbols), Language, (see education).

January 22nd Polka Dot Day Fashion, (wear polka dots, make something with polka dots), Games, (play frisbee), Culinary Creations, (make a circular cake or cookies or circular food), Japan,(try sushi), Tea Party, (have a circle tea party!), Bingo, (play Bingo, use dots as markers). Music, (listen to polka music), Dance, (dance to polka music).
January 23rd National Pie Day Games, (throw whipped cream pies at each other and/or search for things inside them, or make up your own game), Education, (learn about "pi"), Culinary Creations, (make your own pie), Music, (make a musical instrument out of pie tins).
January 25th A Room of One's Own Day Making A Difference, (help your sibling or someone in need with their room and/or you can give away your things to someone that will use them more than you do), Fashion, (redecorate your room!).
January 27th National Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day Games, (make up your own games, such as who can pop a sheet the fastest, roll around in it), Fashion, (make a fashion item with bubble wrap), Culinary Creations, (make popcorn or with something that POPS!--like cupcakes with Pop Rocks in it).