Patchwork Designs, Inc


Patchwork Designs, Inc.
has had ALL of its Embroidered Emblem Manufacturing Materials tested by an approved independent testing Laboratory including All Thread, Fabrics, backings, and has passed all of the tests for the below harmful chemicals.

2009 Consumer Products Safety Act re. Lead & Phthalate DBP, DDP & DEHP in Product Contents.


Welcome to Patchwork Designs, Incorporated. We create embroidered patches, patch programs, activity kits, and embroidered merchandise for scouting, schools, historical buildings, museums, organizations, and special events.

Patchwork Designs, Inc
8421 Churchside Drive
Gainesville, VA 20155
Phone: (703)743-9948
FAX: (703) 743-9942


1. Decorate the pinwhee.
2. Write on the back what peace means to you.
3. Create your pinwheel
4. Plant it somewhere so everyone can see it. You will need permission to plant them in a public facility.
5. Order your patch. 

Item# pinwheel-18 $1.50 Item# pinwheel-no date $1.50 Pinwheels with or without a date
Patch, pencil, eraser, foam shape, Juliette Low sticker, bracelet kit. All items are placed in a clear bag.
($3.99 each bag)

Halloween 2018 (all of the white on the patch is glow in the dark thread) 85% embroidered
Item# Hallo-18: $1.35

Trunk or Treat $.99 (2 inch)

Happy Birthday Juliette Low!

You only need to complete ONE requirement to earn the Juliette Low patch, it can be as simple as having a party to celebrate her birthday.

Patch, pencil, eraser, foam shape, Juliette Low sticker, bracelet kit. All items are placed in a clear bag.
Item#Hallo-brace-jul-18 ($3.99 each bag)
Happy Birthday patch has
glow in dark threads

Item# Jul-BD-18 $1.75 [3 inch patch]

Once you have earned one patch, then you only need to complete ONE requirement to earn another patch in the series.

Find the perfect pair of misfit socks to wear
and stand up against bullying.
"Make a Difference”

Collect items for kids that usually don't receive a birthday party. Drop them off at your local food pantry. They accept them all year long.
Halloween and Juliette Bracelet(sold separately) $ 2.50 Birthday Bag patch $1.35
Pink-18-bar: $1.00


  1. Tis the Season Patch (3 inch with loops to hold charms)
  2. FIVE metal charms with clips
  3. One white card & envelope
  4. Bracelet kit to create (gift)
  5. Anti– bully Sticker
  6. Grateful and thankful Card
  7. Tag to place on donations or gifts
  8. Eraser (with lettering on top)
  9. Glitter pencil
  10. All together in a plastic bag
Tis the Season Community Service Kit: $4.99  

Community Service Project Making A Difference (Blue Angel Projects)

Created by scout as a silver award
[3 inch patch] Complete THREE PROJECTS

Note: The patch program is a guideline for the symbols that are presented on the patch. You can substitute other projects that represent these symbols.

Program is listed here

Blue Angel Community Service Kit: #3.79 Blue Angel Community Service patch (metallic threads and satin twill) Item# commserv-18-19 $2.50  
Item code is REDEDICATION-(YEAR) all $.99!
Investiture (Your first year in scouts)
Item# invest-owls: $1.50
Item# Rededication-generic $1.15
Masquerade in your favorite outfit and have lots of fun with your friends. For extra fun decorate your own mask. Attend a Masquerade ball with your group or parent.
Item# masq-18: $1.50
BOOK FAIRY: Gather your gently used or new books and place each one with a book fairy tag. Give them to someone in need. Item# Book-fairy $1.35
Have some fall fun and earn this patch. [2.5 inch patch]
Patch#: fall-fun: $1.15


Magical Creature Monster Book Kit

1) 20 Magical Creature cards to color and slide in book
2) SPAtacular Book (20 different recipes for
lip gloss, potions &more)
3) Plastic container with lid for
4) SPAtacular creations
5) Small Plastic spoon
6) Magical Creatures OR SPAtacular patch

Magical Creature Book with Wizard Spatacular patch

Magical Creature Book with Magical Creature patch

Wonderful World of Wizarding Patches Magical Creature Monster Book  
**3 patches ** Hardcover scrapbook *glue stick *stickers
*8 pieces of Paper Instructions on |completing Digital Photo badge) Papers will vary in each kit Item: scrap-kit $6.00
Included in kit: Wizard Spells and Potions booklet Wizard Bracelet Free wand. Colors and decorations will vary. (wand purchased from scout craft fair) Item:potion-brace $3.00 Wizard Bracelet (sold separate) $2.50
Plan your 2018 Event While Patches are Still in Stock (link to store list of dated patches) You can participate in the nutcracker, watch a movie, or visit a display about the nutcracker.Patch $1.49     Year bar
Watch a movie or read a book about a grouchy character that steals Christmas.   Patch $1.50
Bring some holiday joy and collect toys for children, volunteer at a toy drive, or purchase toys.
Item: toy-18 $1.00
The elderly home or assisted living enjoy it when you make cards with them, carol, bring them small gifts, or host a party or bingo event. Item#joy-18


Connect the cars annually to the train to show you participated in helping others. Item: Train: $1.50   Write a letter to Santa and make a child's wish come true $1.50
Not just for camping, but anything involving outdoors, indoor glamping or camping. Browse patches here Over $10 value for only $5 (patches ARE included with activity sheets)
Badges are not included Click here for choices
Download and Print fun activity kits to complete! Large variety of patches to choose from.
Dress up like your favorite movie star attend a parent daughter event, have a talent show, make your own movie, have a Hollywood celebration or lots of other glamorous fun. Item: Holly-19 $1.39 Celebrate Scout Sunday and reward them with a patch.
Great for boys and girls.

Item #Scout-SUN-19: $1.35
Whether you are tubing at a resort or in your neighborhood, this patch is a wonderful snowy addition to your collection. Item#snow19: $1.35